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Best Tools For Collecting User Feedback From Your Web Application


No company builds out the perfect web application on its first try. As the world of technology better itself every day, so should the applications present in it. Every once in a while, web applications need upgrades, performance reviews, and add on of latest design features. One of the most striking features of an efficient and scalable web application is its feedback system. Web 2.0 is all about user interaction and expression. The latest market trends promote user navigation and opinion beyond anything else. An active feedback component along with visible adaptive changes in the brand develops a sense of visibility and credibility with the customer. Transparency and accountability turn a potential visitor into a customer and for a brand that works actively on its feedback, is always well worded amongst its peers. To gain an upper edge against your competitors, having a strict eye on the feedback is the way to go.

How do Website feedback Tools help you?

While we gush about the importance of feedback and making customers heard, there are multiple ways to achieve it. Some prefer words in the form of criticism while some work on rating numbers to improve their future strategies. Development of these multiple ways has never been easier with all the standard tools available in the market. In technical terms, with the development of extensions and frameworks, developers no longer need to spend hours on tedious repetition of code and complex algorithms. Developers get access to multiple libraries and standard platforms, incorporating complex features with few simple lines of code. For multiple platform targeting and heavy traffic servers, this is nothing less than a boon.

Let’s have a look at the most popular and renowned tools used by proficient web developers for creating robust feedback systems.

1. Canny

This tool has been solving the problem for developers for decades. The best feedback system in the market, Canny is esteemed and demanded name in the industry. It builds a direct interaction pathway between customers and the development team, allowing the real builders to learn about their product's popularity and accessibility. It also supports a voting mechanism to add or customize features as per convenience. Canny has a three-tier hierarchy, free, growth, and concluded by custom. The three options as per mentioned order, are free, monthly paid, and paid as per features added in the application. From the most basic level, canny provides a variety of features at both ends. Built with an option to openly discuss a public roadmap and see categorized and detailed updates, Canny is a tool worth the price and hype.

2. Sleekplan

While the popularity of canny is unreachable, for starting businesses, the cost might become an important factor. For years developers have tried to build a substitute and concluded with another feature-rich, robust platform, Sleekplan. customers' track suggestions, ideas, and bugs, prioritization, organization of features, keeping a changelog, roadmap planning, and personal comments from customers, all come under the advantages of Sleekplan. This tool comes with a hierarchy price level as well but is one-third when compared to amounts paid to Canny. Indie, starter, business, and custom are different choices available with sleek plain for bare minimum spending. When looking for easy administration, Sleekplan is the stop to make.

3. Acute

Humans might succumb to pressure when doing everything on their own but this tool does it with accuracy and precision. When you need a tool to cover it all, Acute is the option to take. Acute allows feedback from all teams, customers, developers, management, categorization, and organization of suggestions based on growth, framework development, and product review and lets the customer have a transparent track of their feedback. With a custom in-app widget and RICE framework, Acute is worth the time suggestion. Acute operates at four different levels, free, growth, business, and concluding enterprise, each level offering more freedom and features than the last.

4. Canvas

This is another name in the tech world, worth consideration. Canvas's strength lies in creating a four-step feedback loop for customers, namely collection of customer feedback via the feedback page or in-app widget, sorting through various insights and prioritizing with help of a voting system, creating and sharing the roadmap about present developments, ending with keeping the customers in the loop with automatically send emails, the most common system seen. When it comes to time and cost, Canvas comes out as an effective option with justified purchases. Free and growth are two main available options, with an access of 25 customers for the former and price growth for every 100 additional customers in the latter.  Now that is a worthy buy.

5. HotJar

The ultimate goal to achieve after feedback is analysis and implementation. Hotjar is a widely used analysis and strategist tool, used for studying users’ behavior patterns. Its most common advantages include performance review, growth consultation services, and prediction of conversion rates. Just like the name, the HotJar insight tool develops heat maps, to record visitors' activities on the application and find whether the conversion rates are in profit or loss. It also comes with feedback polls and surveys to find out which function has been causing trouble. HotJar comes in handy when developing future business and advertising strategies, allowing the voice of customers to be heard and acknowledged. At present, it comes with two plans, starter, and business, with benefits differing with each session.

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As a web app development company in Dubai, CWS engages only proficient and professional developers for building innovative and responsive applications using the latest and top market technologies. As an eCommerce company itself, CWS knows firsthand the importance of web applications and strong feedback systems. CWS has built custom, feature-rich, captivating applications for thousands of multinational brands for more than a decade. When it comes to hiring the best, CWS Technology is one name to know.


When it comes to finding a feedback tool, spending a better deal of time choosing the right developer is a better choice. Each tool comes with its own set of features and strategies, only utilized to its full potential by an experienced developer. Fortunately, we also have a solution for that. CWS Technology, a web development company in Dubai, develops robust, scalable, and competitive solutions with time and cost-effectiveness.