Dedicated Software Developers VS Freelancer Developers: Which is Better?

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Dedicated Software Developers VS Freelancer Developers: Which is Better?

Dedicated Software Developers VS Freelancers


The tremendous growth in technological advancements worldwide has supported businesses in growing their brand. So you will need a team of efficient developers to create a successful app. They can be your team of dedicated web developers to help your brand develop the most effective applications. Businesses require talented and professional software developers to meet their requirements and goals.

In addition, businesses must maintain their future ideologies and hire great individuals. This blog post provides an overview of hiring Dedicated Developers Vs. Freelance developers. Read more to know.

Who is a Dedicated Developer?

A dedicated developer works in a web and mobile app development company, turning clients' visions into reality. As part of a growing company, they work for one client until the project is completed. Businesses hire dedicated developers with excellent technical knowledge and management skills so that the projects are handled with utmost care and get the complete attention of the developers.

A dedicated developer is responsible for working on a particular client's project until it is delivered. Then they can work for another firm to provide them with a user-friendly application or software.

Who is a Freelance Developer?

A freelance developer works on a client's website and turns the client's vision into reality. A freelance developer's career path is different from that of other professionals. Some technologies allow software developers to pursue careers outside the typical 9-to-5 realm.

Many mobile apps or web developers, designers, and programmers are self-employed, meaning they work on a contract basis. These freelance software developers have their challenges, but being in an industry that is constantly growing and a role that is so significant, they can be hired by software companies from any freelance platform.

When to hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?

IT organizations or businesses hire a dedicated development team of experts when they want to have a group of programmers who will work only for them at all times and enjoy the development team being available to them at all times without having to focus on other projects. In addition, when companies hire dedicated developers, they get professionals with experience and knowledge of teamwork and using new tools and techniques to create a fantastic software solution.

The need for specialized experts arises when the internal team of developers is busy with some other work, or the company does not have its team and does not want to spend a lot of money by hiring one. In addition, when the company's existing team is working on a project but they think they won't be able to finish it on time, they hire one or two dedicated developers who can work with them on the project and help them complete the project on time, with perfection.

In addition, there may be reasons, such as the need for a project redesign or a long-term project development team that requires hiring specialized developers.

When to hire a Freelancer?

Software companies hire a freelance developer or group of independent developers to work on a specific project. The project can be long-term or short-term, depending on the platform to be developed. Every top independent developer should contract with the hiring company or customer. After the job posting and hiring process, hired freelance developers can work on the company's project using the best programming languages, tools, and techniques.

One of the reasons why organizations choose to hire a freelance developer over an in-house developer is that freelance developer are available for many reasonable fees. In addition, freelance developers always specialize in some specific programming languages ​​and communication skills.

Technology is advancing at a lightning-fast pace.

If high quality on time with assurance of maintenance and support is your priority, you must turn to dedicated developers. Hiring a dedicated development team means you'll be more confident that the task will be completed correctly and on time. Freelancers can also produce results, but insurance has a low chance. In addition, they are cheaper than dedicated developers because they do not have the additional costs that a company has. Finally, working with an experienced software company will certainly increase the potential for both startups and established companies. And from the above points, hiring a dedicated developer is much better than hiring a freelancer.

Hiring a dedicated development team in Dubai offers you the dual benefit of using highly skilled services at a low cost. This model works well for long-term, short-term, and one-off projects. But to make the most of it, businesses should have a firm grip on the benefits of hiring and working with their outsourced teams.

Hiring a dedicated development team allows you to focus on your core areas of expertise. In contrast, the dedicated team helps you grow technologically with full attention to the project they are working on.

At CWS Technology LLC, a software development company in Dubai, we ensure world-class quality right from the start. From evaluating your business goals to solving problems that need to be solved before developing a solution, our experts will bring your ideas to life while providing you with an outstanding experience.


While freelancers cost less on paper, you may end up paying more due to the many disadvantages of this model, such as uncertainty, lack of commitment, inadequate development software, lack of communication, and no legal liability.

The dedicated team model has everything a freelancer lacks. You get full attention to your project, frequent and transparent communication through multiple channels, the ability to monitor the development process in real-time, complete control over the staffing process, easy scalability, versatile expertise collected in one place, post-release support and maintenance, and other benefits.