How Can Software Development Help Your Business Cope with Crises?

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How Can Software Development Help Your Business Cope with Crises?

How Can Software Development Help Your Business Cope with Crises?


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of remote work these days. Additionally, many people who had barely considered going remote have found working remotely more convenient, less stressful, and less time-consuming due to the lockdown.

As a result of the lockdown, business owners have embraced the flexibility of going digital, which is one of the main ways to cope with tough competition. A simple example is billboards. People spend millions on advertising their businesses in big cities. With no or very few people on the streets due to the lockdown and business crisis, bringing these billboards into the virtual world is the ultimate survival solution. From this perspective, the demand for software developers in dubai has become insane. Although software development outsourcing has always continued, it has become more popular. As a result of the international business crisis, companies began to look for more cost-effective alternatives to custom software solutions, which of course, is offshore software development.

The world is shifting towards more flexible hybrid working models.

The post-crisis scenario will require tailor-made solutions for each company that improves productivity, ensure return on investment, and are adaptable and scalable. Custom software could be effective because it is built to fit a company's specifications, unlike traditional off-the-shelf software available to a broader audience. In addition, designing an application that considers your organization's needs will increase productivity once the solution is implemented.

Unfortunately for many employers, many of today's software developers are still new. We can all sympathize with this position, considering that we have all found ourselves in it at one point or another, as it can be to help a new budding software developer; it's impossible to expect consistent, high-quality products if they don't have a track record to show for it. Software developers without a reputation and portfolio to prove their abilities are, more often than not, a gamble.

Since software design and development is usually a solo activity, telecommuting works in line with the practice by preventing coders from wasting too much time in group meetings. Connecting with the team, the abundance of video conferencing and social platforms, such as Slack, Skype, and Telegram, allows employees to stay in touch without investing too much time in personal water relaxed chat. Additionally, due to the flexible workday structure of remote work, software developers can adjust their schedule to their preferences, as many have reported. Many can generate more output in an eight-hour day than during a more extended in-house office.

The events of the pandemic so heavily disrupt the tech industry.

Data on increased productivity during COVID-19 appear to come with some caveats. While general trends show that production has increased, the ASG Technologies report revealed that 39% of respondents struggle to manage distractions – while 28% said their production has slowed due to blocking. Since remote working conditions clearly do not benefit all software workers, a hybrid work model can offer valuable variation and additional support to IT workers as we head into the "new normal."

There are times and places where inexperience serves as a platform. It might be for a small project because newer software developers in Dubai are relatively more available, or they might have been recommended by a trusted contact. However, circumstances like these are marginal when considering the health and well-being of your company projects. There are many software developers out there without the proper experience, and it can be difficult to sort through them all and find the one you want.

The Software Sector Is Likely Still Feeling The Effects Of The Coronavirus

As the way we work has changed significantly in the past year as we return to a post-pandemic normalcy, remote work is likely to remain for many companies well into the future. According to a Citrix survey of 3,700 IT leaders, nearly three-quarters of IT decision-makers believe that employees will not want to return to the office full-time after the pandemic. The survey correlates with the results of a study for the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), which revealed that 81% of SMEs expect more than a quarter of employees to work from home after the pandemic ends, especially in the technology industry.

But why do hybrid working models seem to be so popular in the tech sector? Because the work done in the technology sector can usually be done the industry is much more suitable for hybrid work than other requirement in-person work. The hybrid model allows software developers to work from home while working on individual projects, but also gives teams the opportunity to collaborate, brainstorm and socialize in larger groups. This balance is essential when it comes to workforce productivity, as well as improving mental health and well-being within the workforce. With a healthy mix of office and homework providing businesses with a secret recipe for success, it's no surprise that the practice has been so widely adopted in the software and wider technology industry.

Wrapping Up

In 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic affected almost every company in some way, also in the Nordic countries. Depending on the companies' different industries, the impacts varied from small risks to severe disruptions, but also thriving businesses. All in all, agility and resilience was required to continue and even survive. Demand for software development services is expected to increase once the recovery begins. The pandemic has highlighted the benefits of IT solutions for internal business processes and client communication. Companies are now more aware that the pandemic may recur. They are aware of the impact this would have on their business. Still, it's not generally possible to hire additional staff for software development, especially is not generally possible after a crisis like this.

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