How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Payment App Like Dubai Pay?

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Payment App Like Dubai Pay?


With thousands of successful merchants across the world and customers spending billions of dollars on mobile payments, it's no surprise that hundreds of entrepreneurs want to launch their own payment service app by 2023. The cost of payment service applications such as Dubai Pay varies according to the functionality you desire, but there are also additional factors to consider when selecting a payment service app development business. Here's all you need to know about the costs and features of developing a payment service app.


There are several payment services app development companies that may assist you in making your idea a reality. Dubai Pay is an international payment software that accepts numerous worldwide payment methods on a single platform. Dubai Pay is a payment services app development platform that enables online company owners to accept safe credit card payments on their websites. For processing the payment, Dubai Pay charges a modest transaction fee.

Escrow payments, installment payments, currency conversion, and worldwide shopping are among the advantages offered by Dubai Pay. Dubai Pay is available on iOS and Android smartphones, as well as desktop PCs, in a mobile-friendly form. Dubai Pay, in addition to its worldwide applications, may be linked to any company's website for eCommerce transactions.

Online Payment & E-Wallet Apps Are Indispensable For Transactions

This business strategy varies from its competitors in that Dubai Pay enables merchants of all sizes, not just large corporations, to quickly and simply begin accepting secure credit card payments on their website. It does not necessitate that they have existing partnerships with gateways or risk being refused due to a violation of certain terms of service.

Dubai Pay provides free membership to individuals or organizations that only want to make online transfers and direct debits from bank accounts; other memberships provide higher transaction limits as well as advanced tools such as credit card processing (for businesses) or integration with a custom point of sale system.

Easy For Businesses To Connect User Accounts

The first thing you should know about the true cost of developing the Dubai Pay App is that the ultimate price will be decided by your app's specifications and ambitions. The higher the amount of sophistication required for your app, the more detailed the features, and the more functionality it gives — all of these factors translate into a larger cost for building Dubai Pay or other smart Dubai government payment service applications.

Payment app development costs roughly $30K to $50K on average, depending on features and technology. The typical development period for a payment service app is 4-6 weeks.

Overall, due to their widespread use in daily life, e-wallet and online payment applications are growing in the market. To get the most out of the price component, all of the aforementioned requirements and features must be considered before choosing it.

Factors That Determine App Development Price

Recently, the concept of a payments app that would allow you to use your smartphone to make payments has gained popularity, but in order to fully fulfill this app's potential, it's critical to understand what features it must have to provide the greatest user experience. “How much does it cost to construct an application?” While there is no exact answer, Even though there is no definitive answer, there is a small list of characteristics that have the biggest effects. They are:

The complexity of application development

The amount and sophistication of the selected functions affect the complexity of the development. The chosen technology stack also has its influence. The amount of customization, the number of displays, and other factors will all affect how much it costs to create an app.

The Complexity of Application Design

Design faces the same cost factors as the development process. The more features and screens, the more work designers have; accordingly, the price of the application increases. Be sure to take into account your design's complexity, usage of animation, 3D, etc.

Selected Platform

It is about the native creation of applications for iOS or Android or the development of cross-platform solutions. The app development budget will depend on the platform you choose.

Industry Type

The cost of creating a mobile app is also affected by the industry in which you operate. After all, depending on the niche, your app may require a specific functionality or design approach. For example, healthcare applications will have different functions than e-commerce platforms.

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Buy Products and Make Payments Instantly

It's easy to see that there are plenty of reasons why you should look into using a payment services app for your business. It will save you money, reduce fraud and lead to happier customers. However, integrating mobile payment solutions also presents challenges; make sure you don't overlook them when evaluating your application.

Make sure your app fits seamlessly into what you already offer, pay attention to industry standards, integrate security measures into your plan, and stay on budget. But above all, remember why you're making these changes: they promise benefits for your business and its customers.

Creating these apps takes a lot of time and effort. The price depends on several factors, including the type of app, its features, and whether it needs to be compatible with other platforms.

Looking For The Best Payment Gateway Developers?

As a leading mobile application development company in Dubai, CWS Technology maintains a solid portfolio of mobile applications that can estimate the approximate cost of mobile payment applications. The world has been evolving since the dawn of time and it took eons for people to move from traditional payment methods to modern payment technology. Everyone is paying attention to online payment apps right now because of the global pandemic.

Wrapping Up

When you hire a mobile app development company in Dubai for your payment app, you want to make sure that they can provide you with what you need. Don't just go with any company. Do your research to know exactly what features are included in app development costs and what features can be added. Get everything outlined in writing so there are no surprises once your project is finished and delivered. And finally, request previous samples of work so you know exactly what your project will produce. If a company is unable to provide samples of past work, it may not be worth using them for mobile app development needs.