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How Technology Is Changing The Way We Live

How Technology Is Changing The Way We Live

Technology is altering the way we live, but it must also transform the way we work


Two centuries before, computers were developed to solve mathematical problems and calculations with accuracy unexpected from humans. Today we have devised models of the world, created matter dimensions, built buildings from screens, and revolutionized the concept of information exchange. One only has to look around to know every minimal thing humans do has become better and easier due to the presence of technology.

Technology has Transformed Our Way of Living

Artificial intelligence(AI), the invention of new irrigation systems, augmented reality, grocery shopping, money transfer, digital money, and the list goes on and on. Technology has taken over tedious and repetitive tasks from humans, replacing them with more accurate and efficient algorithms. We have come as far as predicting the future. If the present dependency on screens is anything to consider most of us will be reading this from a screen, technology is going to evolve every aspect of human life. Better make the best out of it! Let’s appreciate some advantages technology brought into human life.

1. Agriculture

Civilizations started from the mere point of agriculture, developing into societies of culture, language, and traditions. Technology and civilization have always been engaged, one arising need for another. Agriculture remains the core of human survival and technology has only strengthened our knowledge about nature. With new irrigation systems, mechanization of labor, productivity and output have skyrocketed under the new technological era. Ancient farming practices have been replaced with better techniques, the abundant analytic tools predicting the whole cycle of buying and selling. Soon enough, all we will need to grow food is a voice command.

2. Globalization

Over is the era of homogeneous societies, presently we live in the land of hybrid cultures, languages, and religions. Today’s generation knows no physical boundaries when it comes to opportunities, credited to the major transportation and communication improvement brought by technology. Businesses are operating offshore, students are availing education from universities ocean apart. The whole world has united as a single audience group, information exchange becoming a matter of milliseconds. The shaping of the modern world has been done with accessible and reliable communication and transportation options and brought the earth back as one continent. Messaging, calling, emailing, networking, all you need to meet a new person is their name.

3. Medical Advancement

The biggest enemy to humans is their mortality, but thanks to technological advancement, we have more than enough resources to fight life-threatening diseases. The medical sector has seen miracles with new technology and medicine, treating cancers, brain traumas, and blood diseases with commendable competency and coherency. We progressed from creating a baby in a test tube to replicating the human brain.  While many continue to argue about negative radiation and pollution as a consequence, the world is already shifting its axis towards green tech. Sustainable technology has become the motto for all rich names running the world. A coin is always two-sided, it's all about which side you choose.

4. Education and Learning Process

Remember the old stories of moving mountains, swimming through oceans, and crossing storms our parents bestowed on us for motivation? Unfortunately, we shall have none of that to pass on to the next generation. Learning and education have seen the most credible transformation with help of new tech inventions, creating a better and more literate world. The Internet has provided access to global content and opportunities, millions of ebooks, and online courses. The benefits don’t stop just at academic courses, for something as simple as learning a new language, or reading about the local history of another nation, a search on the web is all it takes. Web applications have opened gates to uncountable free resources and communities to learn with. Programming language, designing, writing, publishing, culinary school, mathematics, science, business management, economics, you name it! The last two years fully operated on the efficiency of online education opening new horizons of teaching and education infrastructure for institutions! And if courses prove out to be too boring for you, podcasts save the day like none.

5. eCommerce

The biggest boon of technology was reaped by sellers and producers. Much to our obey or disobey, the world is operating on a digital economy with no digital currency. Share Market has seen significantly increased participation and [programming has made it as far as using algorithms to predict financial curves. The IT sector is the backbone of every country, leading the nation towards self-sufficiency and innovation. When the bulb was developed, no house slept in the dark again. With computers, sensors, world wide web, no business can operate in competition just offline. Websites, domains, and applications have become an essential part of growth and promoting, expanding designing options beyond imaginative capabilities.  Before building a simple tower today, you can have its 3-d model, strength, and other parameters in hand without much effort. Businesses are incorporating artificial intelligence for fairness and transparency, promoting user interaction and expression. The world is a huge united market, those who have the power of clicks, have the benefit of profit.

Positive Impact of technology on Society

Technology may have changed our lifestyle and lookout on everything, but it is not all sunshine. The development comes at the expense of competition and capitalism, sometimes turning far more political than healthy. Each nation is looking towards the #1 spot, bringing more than unnecessary fights into the arena. Those with resources are ready for exploitation and those without, are ready to conquer. Depletion of resources is an alarming threat to humankind, for it is not a screen but oxygen that helps us survive on this land. Degradation of renewable resources and climate change is a topics under consideration but humans are short on time. If the present trends continue, damage control will become impossible. 

Access to information and Privacy is another issue surrounding the safety of being tech savvy. There are millions of data out there, processed by companies for advertising and strategies, and details about a personal life that become a major concern. Cyberbullying and tech frauds are the latest concerning issues, making thousands go bankrupt every day. Not to mention, the change of attitude observed in younger ones and dare we say the developing addiction.

Wrapping Up

It is indeed a fact that none can escape technology today, its advantages overrule disadvantages by a great fraction. But one can neither throw away the concerns at the back of mind. The only solution is to conduct the future tech without compromising on any principles.