How to Build A Custom eLearning Application: Steps, Price, and Features?

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How to Build A Custom eLearning Application: Steps, Price, and Features?

How to Build A Custom eLearning Application: Steps, Price, and Features


When the world was forced to retreat into the four walls for the safety of all, it was the students finding themselves in the most dramatic and helpless situations. Schools and teaching institutes became a matter of study and for a few months all one could think of was wasted time. However, teachers and technology geared up together to create the most advantageous invention of the tech world, e-learning.

E-Learning App Market Overview in 2022-2025

Today, e-learning is equivalent to an efficient process and degree found in classrooms and universities. Learning and education have seen the most credible transformation with help of new tech inventions, creating a better and more literate world. The Internet has provided access to global content and opportunities, millions of ebooks, and online courses. 

The benefits don’t stop just at academic courses, for something as simple as learning a new language, or reading about the local history of another nation, a search on the web is all it takes. Programming language, designing, writing, publishing, culinary school, mathematics, science, business management, economics, you name it! And if courses prove out to be too boring for you, podcasts save the day like none. 

How to Create a Great E-Learning App Idea?

Numerous great names have entered the platform creating exclusive and free content for students. Clearly, for those who will, there is now a clear way. Speaking in technical language,  if you are building an e-learning app to benefit some students, there are some prior points to check. What makes an e-learning app beneficial and clear preference over others, what should be the pricing of the courses, and what features will make the mobile application chartbuster, all the questions are answered below. 

  • Who Are You Building For 

Finding the right target audience is essential for any business. The factor becomes more important for e-learning apps as they focus on one stream of content. Anyone can benefit from free knowledge, but it is more important to reach the right group first. Ask if the courses are for professional or college students if there are educational criteria for certain courses if the content is specific to one line of profession. All the answers will help developers create customized applications for better outcomes and productivity. For any student, time is the most valuable asset, stream specific applications with in-depth knowledge are often preferred over generic courses. The narrowing down of competition is an additional benefit.

  • Advertising and Feedback 

While word of the mouth builds the most valuable credibility for a brand, it is important to have your application shown at the right places at the right time. Create a researched and strategic launch for your application, gathering active feedback in every development process. It is always advisable to test run with a group prior and work on original feedback on efficiency and performance. Research the existing applications and loopholes to fill. Feedback is the most important component of development. Engage and implement direct feedback systems, creating a bond of trust and care with students. Social Media platforms and trends can be actively engaged in marketing and launching, along with multiple platform launches. E-learning applications are preferred with consistency and uniformity and should be incorporated timely during development. 

  • Feature-rich and specific 

No student is a fan of an app providing links to web articles or pdfs neither one prefers to use one with two many additional features. A mobile application should be responsive and feature-rich, but not distracting from the core purpose of development. E-learning applications can be built by standard features of sign-in, chat platform, and course tracking. Too much additional information or active components can ultimately confuse the student and decrease the value in the market.

  • Be innovative

Thanks to technology, learning doesn’t have to be limited to blackboard teaching and anything. With the easy engagement of artificial intelligence and AR/VR in applications, complex algorithms can be added within a few lines of coding. Interactive and expression-encouraging graphics along with gamification, adds new interest to the informative courses. Different levels, daily quizzes, cooperative learning, and frequent challenges also motivate the student toward their goal. Different professional levels of the same course can also be placed as an option, with different modes of operation for application. Education hardly comes cheap, but high numbers are appreciated by no student. Practicality is the key to success for an e-learning app. 

  • Build superior user experience

Personalization equals efforts and thinking. Having custom personalized features for customers, something as simple as background and usernames, allows the development of a healthy relationship with students, in turn retaining them. Apps that allow networking along with e-learning are nothing less than boons and solve multiple problems on one platform. 

  • Test it thoroughly 

No good teacher lets the student sit in an exam before revision and testing. Similarly, the application before launching should be put through various rounds of debugging and crash environments. The security and speed of the app shouldn’t be compromised at any step, also leading to a time and cost-effective development process.

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Develop a Winning Custom eLearning Platform with CWS Technology

The path to creating a game-changing eLearning platform is not difficult. It is intriguing and produces results by incorporating remarkable capabilities into your custom eLearning platform. Talk to us if you're stumped on where to begin. CWS Technnogy is an award-winning mobile app development firm in the UAE that can assist you in creating an innovative eLearning platform that will increase learner engagement and ROI.


Indeed, firm e-learning apps are dominating the play Store today and shall continue to do so in the future. Students are building their resources and letting no physical boundary constrain them. There would simply not be a better time to start teaching through the screen.