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How to Optimise Your Website for Mobile Devices?


The development of mobile phones was a revolution in itself. Reforming the field of communication and information exchange, mobile phones with their wireless technology and multiple text channels, created history in the timeline of tech. The developers only made it better with the launch of smartphones, a small miraculous box. Smartphones brought graphics and videos to the world of small screens along with unbelievable connectivity to the internet. Accessing information from any corner of the world became the most convenient process. 

The website should look amazing on smaller screens

With touchscreens and better processing capabilities, mobiles are competing against the best computers and are at par in efficiency and functionality. As e-commerce websites became the culture and norm for success, mobile users became the prime target audience. web development and the development of mobile phones became an important topic before businessmen. No user returns to a brand only accessible through a desktop screen or incompetent through mobile browsers. On the other hand, no brand would like to miss millions of customers and gain negative credibility by ignoring responsive design.

What should you keep in mind when optimizing your website for mobile devices?

Undoubtedly, designing mobile-optimized websites comes with an infinite list of advantages, one any wise developer will adopt at once. But the next question is, how to incorporate these changes into design? Let’s have a look at some simple steps to tell your chosen web design company in Dubai.

To help you get started, here are tips to optimize your website for mobile use:

Know where you stand 

Before you think of starting again or making any changes, simply analyze through the right tools where you stand in terms of mobile optimization at present. Having a prior detailed idea will allow you to focus on specific fields rather than spending effort and money on the entire thing. Review the performance of different components and specific websites in terms of mobile design and then finalize the functions that simply won’t do without redesigning. Sometimes a mere description or addition of responsiveness to design significantly improves the user experience. Do the smart work before the hard work.  The simplest way to analyze this parameter is by accessing the device through multiple different screens and reviewing it as a customer, a practice that always comes in handy. As a second option, you can take the help of analytical tools and get numbers in definitive terms and AI-generated suggestions for enhancing the experience. 

And what do we do, when in a problem? Google it. Google has reduced the work of developers by launching a free set of analytic tools to dig deep into your website and improvise the standards. Google Analytics will check every possible parameter, including the loading time of different components, navigation ease, accessibility, and security of the website. Then you can let your developer work with these suggestions and numbers. 

Use the latest versions of CSS

HTML and CSS form the core of the front end when it comes to website development. There is no website existence without structure by HTML and formatting by CSS. Realizing the growing importance of mobile optimized designs and the popularity of websites amongst mobile users, CSS itself released supportive versions. Just a little change here and there will make your site mobile-friendly. 

The most striking feature is what we call responsive design or media query. Defining different layouts and sizes for different screen ratios, CSS matches the arguments automatically and alters the website for the best user experience. Media queries are an essential component of HTML, and CSS, and are even found in the popular JS library Bootstrap. Responsive design can be achieved through various methods, defining different layouts, adjusting the percentage of elements, adjusting font size as per screen demand, or altering the spacing between different graphics so that there is just enough but never more. 

Alternatively, if one is designing with CMS, the code gets further simplified. Renowned content management systems like WordPress incorporate responsive designing through the first step, reducing developers’ efforts significantly. 

Take the support of responsive themes and plugins

When working with the aesthetic of a website, make sure the theme and plugins picked are already responsive, leading to the automatic development of the responsive design. Many CMS and standard libraries develop with responsiveness as the key factor and save the developer time to figure out CSS grids. Before finalizing on any theme, take a demo session and through traditional methods figure out its responsiveness. 

Simultaneously, keep a detailed report on your core web vitals, the most valuable parameters during google ranking and SEO. Core web vitals can be categorized into three categories, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay(FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift(CLS).   LCP talks about the speed of loading the largest element while FID talks about interactivity. CLS gives a performance review of layout changes as the user interacts with different elements. 

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Wrapping up

Designing and development for maximum productivity and output have to be mobile optimized, for the largest target audience will be accessing it through the small screen. The popularity of mobile optimization and responsive designing is so, even data analytical tools are evaluating it as a prime factor. Bad mobile designs proportionally result in bad ratings for your domain today. There are more advantages than one can think of. Mobile websites are faster and smoother when compared to desktop ones and are favored for their precise and concise content. Being restrained to screen size, the site only gets the opportunity to display important and bestseller options.