Important Things You Have to Discuss With Your Developer Before Starting Any Project

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Important Things You Have to Discuss With Your Developer Before Starting Any Project

The contribution of technology to the world is invaluable and immeasurable. What started as an effort to simplify mathematics and science, evolved to becoming a living necessity. From reading this article to buying groceries, from meeting people across the countries to handling a company overseas, it is indeed a miracle of technology. The latest ecosystem is cyberspace, with millions of humans interacting with the web and millions of users developing on the web. Undoubtedly, computer science is the future of the world and civilization.

One sector that was completely revolutionized by the easy access and features of the world wide web is business, leading to the development of the strongest forte of the economy, ecommerce. Every businessman that aspires to success today has to invest with sincerity in web designing and development, creating strong software for the brand. Customers show a clear preference for online stores and services, becoming the most potential yielding market for firms. Applications and web presence are the dire need of a brand today. 

What Does A Developer Do?

The next question to ponder is too will create the much talked about applications for your business or in turn open new routes of profit for the brand. The answer to both is a developer. A developer as a profession holds knowledge in the use of coding languages for designing and creating software we find in our daily lives. In sync with market trends and competitors, developers build creative and innovative products for clients. The role of a developer has never been limited to creation of an application but incorporating the brand's creative vision, delivering a launch-ready product, and maintaining the server against future breakdowns. Besides the technical obligations, a developer also supports the brand's growth at various stages and contributes significantly to advertising and strategy development. Undoubtedly, a software development comapny is more than capable of letting your brand reach new heights. 

While we discuss the duties and expectations of the developer, it is important to explore the other side. As a client and a seller, what question does one need to ask the developer? What makes the overall process much more productive and yielding? Here are some answers

1. Communication is The Key 

In the world of development, outsourcing is the most efficient and effective way of development. With improvisation in communication, no resource is landbound. Hence before handing over the final yes to a developer, it is essential to establish accountability and a standard mode of convenient communication. What are the different roles you need from the firm? How frequent would the communication happen? Where will be the meeting brief and codes stored? Where will the developer report their process or any glitches? All these small questions help transpire an environment of transparency and accountability, along with a healthy work regime. 

2. Developer’s Roadmap 

Naturally, the developer wouldn’t be able to explain every smallest detail and reason to the client. The technical stuff is much preferred to be handled amongst the team of developers itself. But it is equally important for the client to be patiently involved in the process and have a detailed and discussed overview of the development process. What features will the application have and how much time will be needed to implement them? What will be the core language of the developer and how will it benefit the application? Maintaining a digital record through spreadsheets, docs and emails help preserve time on both sides. 

3. Who will call the final shots 

The ultimate test of efficiency of management is taken in situations of conflict. It is important to analyze the hierarchy in your development team and choose a wise head for taking the final decision. There is no definitive department that should control the final decision, differing according to functions and needs of every application. From the very beginning, set out whether the project strengths lie in the UI UX team, framework development, or you. Confusion shouldn’t translate to delay nor should team members make decisions for brands on personal preferences. 

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4. Make it a time-effective process

For any brand and developer, time is the most valuable asset. No project can be built in a day but neither should the process be stretched for an unnecessary timeline. For a time and cost-effective development, it is essential to settle on a discussed and detailed timeline with the developer along with room for future upgrades and changes. A simple step can eliminate contradiction and frustration for both. 

5. Does the service end at development? 

The contract with the company should be transparent and definitive. Be it the cost of developing the project or additional charges incurred during development, is the product delivered up to expectations and mentioned features or what will be the alternative? No company will overburden itself with false promises, but a gel stamp puts things into perspective. Additionally, will the software development company assist in the maintenance and future technical issues? What service will be provided in the debugging, security, and technical assistance arena? Don’t forget to note all these points, during the next development.