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Offshore Software Development: Top 8 Benefits


We live surrounded by technology, from merely reading an article or news, to buying groceries, buying furniture, and devices, making transactions through smartphones, getting health advice and medicines without actually visiting the clinic, you name it and we will find the technology behind it. Computers were invented to handle accurate mathematics and models, but today has become a dire need for humans. But one has to sometimes wonder, what is guiding all these machines, what keeps them running? 

The answer is what we will explore today, software. Web applications, mobile applications, Websites, Graphic Designs, and processors are all different components of software put to a specific use. Software development is a trend that will outdated time and a domain that continues to build more potential every day. Ecommerce, the new path to success is essentially surviving on the utility and agility of this software. 

Are You Ready for an Offshore Software Development Partner?

Traditionally, the process of getting a custom, a feature-rich application made by a company is either consulting an in-house firm or outsourcing the thing to a renowned name in the industry.  Both have proved beneficial and effective at certain times, but a third option emerged with time, offshore software development company in Dubai- the biggest discussion in the market. 

In simplest words, offshoring is not restricting development to physical boundaries and hiring developers from remote years. In more explained terms, it is finding the market where a product is sold for the cheapest prices and best quality. The two much to the objection of many are not antonyms and with correct input can be put together in a company. One of the many truths of outsourcing is its negative stories or experiences prevailing in society. 

There are great ones to balance but the shift remains towards uncomfortableness and dissatisfaction. Well, the first reason we could find was high and unmatchable expectations along with working with a vague idea. Offshoring works best with certain rules and regulations, creating competitive and scalable products.

If you’re not sure if your company is ready for offshoring, then look out for these signs:

1. Don’t fall for prices, nothing good is cheap

The purpose of offshoring is not to get things done at the lowest offer price. Indeed it could save one extra buck depending upon the market you stumble on, but companies claiming to work at minimalist prices will only deliver minimal designs. For a good framework, responsive design, and secure transactional pathway, select a company based on knowledge and experience. Paying double also means double the amount of effort, work, and output. Softwares are long-run haul, don’t compromise them for short-term savings. 

2. Things are different from outsourcing 

Offshoring can be termed as outsourcing to international firms, the expectations and duties chart varies for each service. Outsourcing is completely handing over the designing and development part to an esteemed company, which may or may not offer assistance or help in the future. To retain those developers back, you need another project. Offshoring is opening an office on international waters and accessing the help of employees whenever things get too hectic. Offshoring is a long-term support venture, and hence one needed to be decided with more consideration. 

3. Don’t skip the reviews

If customers don't forget to read a review for even a toothbrush, why should you compromise the quality of work by not doing your set of prior research? Talk to those who have worked with the same company, and discuss the services provided and the efficiency of the firm. Look for bad performance reviews, and parameters found unconvincing, and figure out which words turn out to be a deal breaker. Often sellers rely on the words of friends and colleagues, which doesn’t bring any wrong but also doesn’t make a clear picture. 

4. Work with a strong leader

Accountability and transparency are two factors that concern me most during offshoring. It isn’t like you can just have a physical meeting to understand the reasons for an unsatisfactory meeting. It is important to engage a strong management and communication team when offshoring. Management that doesn’t lose the goal of the project, is crystal clear on the objectives of the application and has a firm hand in creating an accountable environment. Planning and assignment of timelines and tasks, along with keeping digitally structured records will make it a much smoother run. 

5. Time zones are a real thing 

Don’t build impractical and tedious schedules. Indeed advantage of offshoring is flexible time zones and the ability to work at the most peaceful hours of your time but things can get tiring and exhaustive in the long run. Any human needs sleep and rest, especially the one managing big businesses. Try to build schedules that don’t take much of your time and get the job done during office hours, a schedule that is considerate to both sides. 

6. Ineffective Communication

One of the most significant disadvantages of offshore is the inconsistency of communication between you and your provider. Assume you are in the United States and your possible vendor is in India; the time difference between your nations will be a major issue since you will be sleeping while your team is working and vice versa. Furthermore, because you will most likely be dealing with non-native English speakers, the language barrier may become an issue. Of course, most firms place a high value on their developers' English skills, but this does not always ensure perfect compliance.

7. Everything is documented

The remote staff would benefit from having documentation of everything. Make certain that everything is documented in this documentation. This is true even for information that appears obvious to your staff.

8. Taking Extra Hours to Meet Deadlines:

When there are deadlines to fulfill and resources are limited, identifying and resolving issues quickly is crucial. You can definitely profit from some extra hours ahead or behind your local time while working with overseas staff. Instead of forcing your in-house team to work overtime to meet critical deadlines, you may have modifications done by the offshore team and deliver software swiftly.


To conclude, the resources aren’t uniformly distributed, but that shouldn’t keep you from hiring the team of the best developers for your brand. Offshoring when translated with communication and good management skills can scale the development team significantly. Don’t let the mistakes decide your opinion of the sector. Together, anything can work! 

CWS Technology LLC Help with Offshore Software Development

We are sure you have realized that while working with the proper offshore development firm might be the greatest option, it can also be daunting.

We have the perfect answer for you. Partner with a brand that has 1,000+ subject matter experts in all of the main technologies who operate across several time zones as needed. One that has created over 10,000 digital goods in a variety of sectors. CWS has assisted a lot of entrepreneurs from various sectors in realizing their ambitions of building digital empires. We work around our clients' time zones, providing them with regular updates on how the job is proceeding.