React Native – Find Out Why It’s Affordable to Build Mobile Apps

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React Native – Find Out Why It’s Affordable to Build Mobile Apps


Countless reasons reinforce React Native as one of the most amazing frameworks when it comes to software development. Here you will find a swarm of factors that make React Native stand out across cross-platform mobile development. However, this blog is about the ones that help you exude the same robustness at an attractively low price and aggressive efficiency. Let's discover how cost-effective and time-efficient it is to create native apps for startups. React Native, a cross-platform development library from Facebook, offers all the ease, cost, and time advantage that suits the modern app development scenario. Let us explain why app developers in Dubai prefer React Native for cross-platform development needs.

How does React Native bag your results briskly?

React Native is one of the fast-growing development frameworks that Facebook has breathed into the ground. This cross-platform mobile app development framework is open source and allows developers to build mobile apps, saving time and money. Enabling Android and iOS development allows you to invent feature-rich apps using JavaScript.

This popular solution is packed with many powerful specifications that ensure its reliability and stability worldwide. But what drives her to play her best is her way of working with time and economy. Now is an excellent opportunity to not look for any startup with a tight budget and eagerness to start an MVP.

With its tremendous ability to get quick results to the floor, React Native is one of the most beneficial solutions for companies with long-term app development goals. So how does it become popular among app development service players? 

Advantages of React Native for mobile app development:

  • React Native is cheaper than Native when it comes to building a mobile app. This programming language allows developers to write code only once.
  • Another plus is that it uses Javascript. According to a Statista report, 68% of developers use JavaScript for development.
  • React Native is fast loading and provides the best experience for developers. This most attractive feature is responsible for increasing its market share. It also makes it easy to save files and review changes even as the application grows.
  • It does not need more time to develop. With the help of ready-made components, this framework accelerates mobile development. You can save up to 40% time creating the same app for iOS and Android.
  • The intuitive modular architecture makes it easy for developers to upgrade applications. You can reuse modules when using code to build both mobile and web APIs.
  • As you know, React Native is an open-source framework and provides developers to use its libraries and framework for free. It also operates under the MIT license, which offers React Native developers legal protection.
  • Some people assume that it's hard to beat the performance of a native app. Mobile app development in React Native provides almost similar performance to these Native apps.

How much does it cost to build a React Native app?

Whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur running out of budget but wanting to have a cross-platform app, React Native is one of the perfect choices of cost-effective frameworks available in the market.

However, as with other app development cost estimates, it is difficult to reveal the exact cost of React Native App development. The cost of app development largely depends on the app's complexity and the business's requirements. Still, hourly charges for React Native App development usually start from $15 to $25 per hour in Dubai. However, developer hourly costs can vary based on skills, experience, and location.

While Dubai is looking for cost-effective React Native solutions, it offers comparatively the best and most affordable services. But you can still maintain quality. As Dubai boasts a large number of talented developers, it provides an opportunity to hire app developers at competitive rates and allows you to develop an app at the lowest cost in Dubai.

Is React Native Cost-Effective?

It's hard to argue against the fact that this framework is robust and can help you build fantastic mobile apps quickly, with superior performance, and at a lower cost than the competition. First, you need to assess whether it is suitable for your project correctly.

There are several reasons designers consider using a framework when building mobile apps. As already stated, a significant factor is its cost-effectiveness. So React native is cost-effective, as the answer to the question suggests.

Wrapping up

Choosing React Native is a remarkable open-source framework for taking advantage of popular technologies like JavaScript and reducing overall software development time. It is good to consider this framework for seamless mobile development.

If you want to build mobile apps of your choice, hire a React Native app developer or outsource React Native development. Take your business planning to the next level with the latest React Native app development services.