Top 7 Reasons to choose React Native Development for your Business Growth

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Top 7 Reasons to choose React Native Development for your Business Growth

Top 7 Reasons to choose React Native Development for your Business Growth


Mobile applications have seen a significant boost in the last two years. As the pandemic forced us to operate remotely from the home, it was these mobile applications that made it all convenient and possible. From grocery shopping to journaling, e-learning to selling, gaming to social networking, there is an application for everything one can think of. Efficient, robust, and fast applications are the best salesman for a brand, expanding its reach globally. In technical language, android and iOS developments are two major dominating and time-lasting trends. For every new business in this decade, there will be a new mobile application. Since the majority of users can be categorized in the above-mentioned two, every company needs a strong strategy for covering customers through android and mobile applications. 

How can React Native app development help me grow my business?

There are two ways to approach the subject, by building a definitive and specific app for both operating systems or thanks to the evolution of technology, creating a cross-platform application. Cross-platform applications target multiple platforms with a single source code file and are undoubtedly preferred more over native mobile development. The most selling advantage of cross-platform applications comes for future unpredictable devices, something no specific OS can promise. The next question to ask is naturally, how are these cross-platform applications built? There can be multiple answers, for developers do use numerous languages, but one that stands out from others is React Native. 

React Native is an open-source and Java-based framework used for the rapid building of cross-platform mobile applications all around the world. The one powerful app that integrated both operating systems, React Native is worth the hype. The biggest selling advantage is to create more than an interactive user interface, giving front-end developers the to create scalable and competitive applications. 

The key benefits of ReactJS development

If you are a businessman looking to create a market-ready application, React Native is the place to start. But don’t trust my words, rather learn below all the reasons supporting the statement. 

1. Reusable code

Any developer’s biggest headache is creating repetitive code for standard features. The headache turns into a nightmare when the client asks to create a separate application for separate devices. React Native offers reusability of source code as per convenience and desire of the client. This particularly comes in handy when you’re upgrading your website and cannot afford to start from scratch or when you need outputs in strained time. It also provides access to standard libraries and pre-developed components, reducing the developer’s workload. Developers can also integrate web applications with mobile applications. Now that is a wonder. 

2. Cost-effective

 It is a simple mathematical equation, the less there is for the developer to fuss about, the better it is in the pocket of the client. With one source file used to target multiple platforms, it saves both time and costs of the project. With more time available, focus can be shifted to debugging and tests run, along with making designs interactive for superior user experience.  With a small team, brands can build efficient and robust applications that will top the charts of the play store. 

3. Open source 

This might sound like repetition but being open source has more benefits than being free to use. Being an open framework looking actively for developments, React Native is a part of a large global community. Developers are working day and night to make the structure and feature better than before. With access to already built components, professional tech companies are adding their personal preference for public use. Being a part of a community also allows developers to expand their knowledge set and seek help from different creative minds. 

4. Upgrade any time

As the technology continues to grow, it is only fair you will be upgrading the look and functionality of your application with time. New features and designs will be added, and the efficiency of the app will be improved. However, the upgradation shouldn’t become time-consuming and a hindrance to business. React Native allows users to refresh pages smoothly and within minutes access new features. It makes both management and creation better. 

5. Supportive UI

The ultimate goal of any application is to have a satisfactory and pleasing experience with users. No user is a fan of static websites with information to copy and paste from nor likes the one taking through multiple different steps for a simple function.  Websites of today have to be secure, responsive and user expression motivating. 

6. Speedy and Lightweight Applications

One of the major disadvantages of cross-platform development has been speed performance when used in comparison with native apps. Since native applications are device specific, it is only fair they connect and function better. However, React Natives narrows down the gap to unnoticeable. Applications built by RN are mere milliseconds behind natives and equally performing as foreigners. The stats can be proved by running both products through various environments and speed tests. 

7. Potential for Future

It is always unpredictable with technology, any new operating system can become dominant at any given time. The major advantage of React Natives comes down in this situation, its file adapts to the new environment without much modification. 

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If one is to weigh cross applications with native ones, the cross might still come out as the winner.  React native has been used and trusted by developers for years for its various features and ability to make market-competitive applications. Many big MNCs are still working with React Native and any looking to compete with them should as well. When finding a go-to framework, choose Reactive Native.