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Cross Platform App Development Company in Dubai, UAE

Our professional developers empower businesses to target different platforms like Android, iOS, and Android, utilizing a single code base. In this way, we also minimize the development cost and time.

Let Your Business Reach New Heights Through Mobile Applications

Smartphones revolutionized the world of computers, bringing the same efficiency and range of features within a hand-sized device. Millions of people have switched to mobile phones and use applications for a multitude of purposes. In the last decade, developers and users have shown a clear preference for small screens than carrying the tedious system everywhere. Be it information exchange or transactions, millions of users are opting for mobile applications. Developers are working determinedly towards new operating systems to make the user experience superior. As brands look toward e-commerce for opening new channels of revenue, mobile users are an unforgettable audience. Cross-platform applications or hybrid mobile applications are the future to invest in. 

What are Cross-Platform Mobile Applications?

With the various operating systems in the market, building system-specific mobile apps can be time and cost-consuming. The process of maintenance and upgradation would be equally hectic and double efforts required. The best Cross-platform mobile applications development targets multiple platforms through a single code file and are easy to build feature-rich, secure, flexible applications. Apart from saving time and cost for customers, Cross-platform applications also hold potential for upcoming platforms. These applications maintain standard protocols and functionality, leading to better user experience and easier marketing.  Single source code gives better accuracy and proficiency, along with being easier to alter in the future. Titanium, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Native Script, Ionic and JS are some renowned tools used for building competitive and content mobile applications. 

Hybrid apps are similar to cross-platform applications in approach and also target multiple platforms simultaneously. The difference comes down to the technical approaches and requirements of the client. While hybrid apps can access os features, Cross platforms offer more freedom. For targeting a universal audience and building a feature-rich, custom, and uncomplex mobile application, Cross-platform app development services beat the race. CWS, a mobile app development company in Dubai, is an esteemed name in building secure, fast, and innovative mobile applications. 

Build Robust and Scalable Applications with CWS Technology

CWS Technology LLC is a leading software company in Dubai, that has built a secure, engaging, and feature-rich framework for thousands of brands, helping them reach new heights. In the competitive and ever-evolving market, CWS the Cross-platform app development services in Dubai employs a skilled set of developers and the latest tech tools for designing and front. CWS's expertise in building customizable, flexible, and robust applications that will gain your brand an upper hand in the market. The development process is time and cost-effective with transparency and accountability. CWS’s technical staff is available 24/7 and assists in the maintenance and security of the server even after launch. The delivered application is prior tested for various bugs and security crashes. Hire cross-platform mobile developers in Dubai from CWS Technology without a doubt!

Our Engagement Model 

Our process is simple and focused on the needs of customers. The customer is allowed creative freedom and a product implementing the client's vision is created. First, rounds of discussion and exploration are held, to create an overview of application custom features and expectations. After creating a time outline from the customer, our team sets on designing an interactive and attractive app interface. When designing is completed to the satisfaction of the customer, developers start working on a framework supporting the backend of the application. Security is the utmost priority. Our team is adept at creating a secure, smooth-running, and error-free android application. 

What can CWS build for you?

Every Industry thinking of expanding its service portfolio looks upon mobile applications as a beneficial solution. CWS’s cross-platform mobile app development  Dubai is talented and will incorporate the latest market trends to create an app that will top the charts of the play store. 

  • cross-platform Web-based Applications
  • cross-platform Android M-Commerce Applications
  • cross-platform Multimedia Applications
  • cross-platform Utility Apps
  • cross-platform Testing/Portability
  • cross-platform UI/UX Design
  • cross-platform App Upgrade
  • cross-platform Support and Maintenance






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